The Clockwork Rose, Bristol, UK

As I often say, sometimes it is not you searching for the best bar, it is the best bar coming to you. Thai is what happened to me in Bristol, when after having searched for a good cocktail bar without success (despite the fact that the city is packed with bars, mostly students-oriented), I popped... Continue Reading →


NO Cafe’, Modena, Italy

This is a special review, and not only because the NO Cafe is a very special bar, where you can sip a classic Martini or any creative cocktail you can imagine in a fantastic medieval square in the centre of Modena, accompanied by lovely tapas mixing classic Emilia flavours with a touch of fusion. No, this... Continue Reading →

1862 Dry Bar, Madrid, Spain

Chueca, the hip barrio in Madrid, is full of bars, still it is not that easy to get a really good cocktail or two (we leave to others the debate on how the recent cocktail hype in Spain has not really raised the average quality of drinks in the country). But, some really good bars... Continue Reading →

Smile Tree, Torino, Italy

Life is sometimes bizarre. You travel around for years searching for the perfect mixture between quality of drinks and creativity in making something new, then you end up in a town (Torino in my case) which is surely not known for its cocktail scene, and you find a bar that is probably the most creative... Continue Reading →

Manhattan 34, Leicester, UK

Sometimes internet searches for "the best cocktail bar in town" are disappointing, but when they work the feeling is good. In Leicester, for example, if you follow this advice you'll feel like a local, even if you are in town since a couple of hours. The manhattan34 bar is in fact one of these places where you... Continue Reading →

The Mad Dog, Torino, Italy

Sometimes bars are in your destiny, as proven from the fact that the Mad Dog opened its doors on the very same day I moved to Torino, on first of November 2014. You might think: with so many bars opening in town lately, where is the big news? Well, the fact is that, in my humble... Continue Reading →

Subastor, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Let's put it simply: this is the best cocktail bar among the dozens of bars in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo (I am ready to be challenged on this). This is how to do it: enter the Astor Bar, a classy bar with nice food and cocktails (including a well-done Martini list) where you can... Continue Reading →

Scarlet, Barbados

 Barbados is not a place where you'll find many cocktail bars, unless you want to end up in a 5 stars hotel sipping a rum punch (which is very good by the way). Still, a small gem is hidden on the island: the Scarlet bar. You'll have to look for a totally scarlet wooden house on the... Continue Reading →

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