This blog is a review of Martini Bars over the world. What is a Martini Bar? Groucho Marx would say “a bar where Martinis are served”. So, every bar where you can get a Martini will get on the blog?  Nope. Here you will get the bars where you can have a Martini experience, being that a wonderful Martini cocktail, but also a simply good one, if you can have it in a unique place, or amidst special people. This blog is not about the origin, history, preparation techniques, ingredients of Martini Cocktail. See the links section if you wish to know more about these.

Martini is about attention to details and generosity. The attention to details of Luis Bunuel, who chose the exterior of his films depending on the quality of Martini served in the area, and the generosity of Tennessee Williams, who left always his Martini olive to his little dog. Enjoy and contribute.

I am a respectful and cheerful Martini fan, with one mission: find the best Martini Bar on earth.

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