Ubeda Gin&Tapas, Barcelona, Spain

The Ubeda is another bar inBarcelona which takes gintonics very seriously. Unfortunately, they don't do martinis, so why is the bar in this blog? Well, we have some reasons for this. First, the Ubeda, opened in 2006, is possibly the first specialised gintonic bar which opened in town and in Spain. Second, it is a... Continue Reading →


Bobby Gin, Barcelona, Spain

The "gin wave" that has submerged Spain is difficult to explain (we might devote an article to this soon...), but it has its own benefits. For example, in Barcelona you can find a few bars which are devoted - I mean religiously devoted - to the spirit of our heart. Of all these, the Bobby... Continue Reading →

XIX Bar, Barcelona, Spain

Known as the best gin&tonic cocktail bar in Barcelona, the XIX Bar (also known as the Diecinueve Bar, as the name spells in Latin numbers) is an unmissable spot in the city. The choice of Gins is extraordinary (I counted more than 40!), that can be combined with four different tonics, to be served in... Continue Reading →

Dry Martini, Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful bar in uptown Barcelona, this is a temple of Martini. Opened in 1978 by famous catalan bartender Javier de las Muelas, the "Martineria", as natives call it, is a whole Martini experience and an excuse to visit Barcelona. Perfect music, fantastic bartenders (old style Catalan guys), and especially a cure in every ingredient and... Continue Reading →

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