Subastor, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Let's put it simply: this is the best cocktail bar among the dozens of bars in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo (I am ready to be challenged on this). This is how to do it: enter the Astor Bar, a classy bar with nice food and cocktails (including a well-done Martini list) where you can... Continue Reading →


Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Some bars are landmarks in history. For example, since 1923 the bar of the Copacabana Palace - one of the first hotels built on the beach of Copacabana - has been serving drinks to the world jet set. Today you have two choices: the Bar de Copas, a  poshy bar where the rich Cariocas go to... Continue Reading →

MyNY, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The MyNY bar, as the name says, wants to be piece of the big apple in Sao Paulo, and - believe it or not - it simply makes it. The classic but funky atmosphere, the jazzy music and especially the choice of drinks makes you believe you entered a spatial door which brings to the... Continue Reading →

Terraço Itália, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Want to feel like the rich Italian fazenderos who created the fortune of Sao Paulo with their coffee business in the 50s, and in the meantime have a glance at the city skyline? Then go to Terraço Itália, the terrace bar (& restaurant) on top of the Edificio Italia in downtown Sao Paulo. The place... Continue Reading →

Skye Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

On top of the Unique hotel, one of the best hotels in Brazil and for sure one of the hotels with the craziest architectures in the world, the Skye Bar deserves a visit for the 360 view on the city and for the poshy but still relaxed atmosphere. On weekends you might have to cue... Continue Reading →

Bar Brahma, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Alguma coisa acontece no meu coração. Que só quando cruza a Ipiranga e a avenida São João...". Caetano Veloso names the corner of Ipiranga and San Joao, downtown Sao Paulo, in one of his marvellous songs, and in this vey corner you will find one of the most lively, musical, and enjoyable bars you can... Continue Reading →

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