1862 Dry Bar, Madrid, Spain

Chueca, the hip barrio in Madrid, is full of bars, still it is not that easy to get a really good cocktail or two (we leave to others the debate on how the recent cocktail hype in Spain has not really raised the average quality of drinks in the country). But, some really good bars... Continue Reading →


The Mad Dog, Torino, Italy

Sometimes bars are in your destiny, as proven from the fact that the Mad Dog opened its doors on the very same day I moved to Torino, on first of November 2014. You might think: with so many bars opening in town lately, where is the big news? Well, the fact is that, in my humble... Continue Reading →

69 Colebrooke Row, London

  Officially called "The bar with no name", but known as 69 Colebrooke Row, this bar is an absolute gem, and a good example of how fame should not change a place. In fact, despite being one of the most trendy and talked-about bars in London and having being nominated twice for the very prestigious ‘world’s... Continue Reading →

Terraço Itália, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Want to feel like the rich Italian fazenderos who created the fortune of Sao Paulo with their coffee business in the 50s, and in the meantime have a glance at the city skyline? Then go to Terraço Itália, the terrace bar (& restaurant) on top of the Edificio Italia in downtown Sao Paulo. The place... Continue Reading →

Lenox Lounge, New York

Martini, jazz and history go well together. If this is true, a good martini in an historical jazzclub should be "the" experience you are looking for. You can find this in many clubs in NYC and beyond, but here we are talking of something more. We are talking of drinking your thing in the very... Continue Reading →

Bridge Cafe, New York

Let's get it straight: the Bridge Café is the oldest surviving bar in New York City. Once it was a brothel, then a speakeasy, then a tavern, now it is a classy and very enjoyable restaurant and bar. The bar is located in a woody building erected in 1794 with a splendid view on the Brooklyn Bridge... Continue Reading →

Octagon Bar, Dublin, Ireland

The legend says that Bono and The Edge enjoyed so much a night at this bar, located in the Clarence hotel in Dublin, that they decided to buy the whole Hotel. The question is: what was served to them that night? Probably Martinis. Apart from legends, the Octagon is one of the best cocktail bars... Continue Reading →

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