Manhattan 34, Leicester, UK

Sometimes internet searches for "the best cocktail bar in town" are disappointing, but when they work the feeling is good. In Leicester, for example, if you follow this advice you'll feel like a local, even if you are in town since a couple of hours. The manhattan34 bar is in fact one of these places where you... Continue Reading →


69 Colebrooke Row, London

  Officially called "The bar with no name", but known as 69 Colebrooke Row, this bar is an absolute gem, and a good example of how fame should not change a place. In fact, despite being one of the most trendy and talked-about bars in London and having being nominated twice for the very prestigious ‘world’s... Continue Reading →

Bar at The Dukes Hotel, London, UK

Classy small bar in a 5 star hidden beautiful Hotel in St James, London. The story says that Ian Fleming was inspired here for the famous Martini that always accompanies Mr Bond. To keep the tradition alive, the perfect Italian bartender cwill invite you to a Vesper Martini, that uses the original Ian Fleming's favourite... Continue Reading →

Tini Bar, London, UK

The name was promising, and this London bar is indeed fun and crowded. The Martini? Absolutely below expectations. Strange way of stirring, launcing the gin from 1 meter into the glass, what a shock... Pretty unique way, but absolutely not my kind. Classic Martini rate: 4/10.

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