Pegu Club, New York

 The Pegu Club, named after a British colonial club in Rangoon where a gin-based cocktail called Pegu was invented for the thirsty Brits living there, is rightly considered one of the best cocktail spots in New York. The place is sort of Asian style but not too much, very classy and comfortable, quite at the aperitif... Continue Reading →


Lenox Lounge, New York

Martini, jazz and history go well together. If this is true, a good martini in an historical jazzclub should be "the" experience you are looking for. You can find this in many clubs in NYC and beyond, but here we are talking of something more. We are talking of drinking your thing in the very... Continue Reading →

Circa Tabac, New York

The Circa Tabac is a resistance spot in NYC. Forget that guilt feeling that you prove every time you light a sigarette in the streets of the big apple,  and also the uncomfortable feeling to have to go outside a bar ("Outside a bar? Never!" said someone once) to smoke a sigarette. In this place you-can-smoke. And, there... Continue Reading →

Bridge Cafe, New York

Let's get it straight: the Bridge Café is the oldest surviving bar in New York City. Once it was a brothel, then a speakeasy, then a tavern, now it is a classy and very enjoyable restaurant and bar. The bar is located in a woody building erected in 1794 with a splendid view on the Brooklyn Bridge... Continue Reading →

Rare rooftop bar, New York

 New York has many skybars, they say. They also say the good Martini drinker is normally lucky in his choice. Well, normally he is, not this time. Let's put it like this: the best thing you can do in the Rare Rooftop Bar is to go up, to have a glance at the view (that is impressing) and... Continue Reading →

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