Ozone, Hong Kong, China

 The race to be the highest bar in the world is open and wild, but I am ready to state that the Ozone is the highest open roof bar in the world (please correct me if I'm wrong, I am ready to invite you to martini...). Opened in March 2011, the Ozone is on the last floor... Continue Reading →


M1NT, Shanghai, China

Looking for the best cocktail bar in a city like Shanghai is not an easy job, with the city drinking culture improving faster than you can imagine, and many potential good choices for a proper sip. In the city of records, several bars claim they have the best view, the bigger cocktail menu, the highest... Continue Reading →

Terraço Itália, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Want to feel like the rich Italian fazenderos who created the fortune of Sao Paulo with their coffee business in the 50s, and in the meantime have a glance at the city skyline? Then go to Terraço Itália, the terrace bar (& restaurant) on top of the Edificio Italia in downtown Sao Paulo. The place... Continue Reading →

Skye Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

On top of the Unique hotel, one of the best hotels in Brazil and for sure one of the hotels with the craziest architectures in the world, the Skye Bar deserves a visit for the 360 view on the city and for the poshy but still relaxed atmosphere. On weekends you might have to cue... Continue Reading →

Sky View Bar, Doha, Qatar

Finding a good bar in Doha is not easy, being Qatar a drink-free country, still - god bless them - some of the high-end hotel of the crazy capital of Quatar can get you a drink. A serious survey among all expats I could talk to (bars which serve alcohol are not allowing Qatari citizens... Continue Reading →

Rare rooftop bar, New York

 New York has many skybars, they say. They also say the good Martini drinker is normally lucky in his choice. Well, normally he is, not this time. Let's put it like this: the best thing you can do in the Rare Rooftop Bar is to go up, to have a glance at the view (that is impressing) and... Continue Reading →

Moon Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

Another amazing skybar in Bangkok, on the 61st floor of the Bayan Tree 5 stars Hotel. The 360° view on the city is breathtaking, the bar is open air on a corner of the terrace, it feels like drinking Martini in the sky. Unmissable. Staying for dinner can be quite expensive, but worth. Again, as... Continue Reading →

Sky Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

With no doubts one of the best skybars in the world, on the 64th floor of the State Tower in Bangkok, it is an elegant and unique bar. The bar is open air, the view is astonishing, the service and the Martinis list are impressive. The South East Asian Martini, with lichi and ginger, deserves... Continue Reading →

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