The Clockwork Rose, Bristol, UK

As I often say, sometimes it is not you searching for the best bar, it is the best bar coming to you. Thai is what happened to me in Bristol, when after having searched for a good cocktail bar without success (despite the fact that the city is packed with bars, mostly students-oriented), I popped... Continue Reading →


Bar Baixa, Porto, Portugal

Finding a good bar in Porto is not hard, the city on the Douro being very lively until late night. Nevertheless, to get a good cocktail in on of these bars where you have the feeling that you might never leave can take some investigations. Well, I found one: the Bar Baixa, in the Galeria... Continue Reading →

Bridge Cafe, New York

Let's get it straight: the Bridge Café is the oldest surviving bar in New York City. Once it was a brothel, then a speakeasy, then a tavern, now it is a classy and very enjoyable restaurant and bar. The bar is located in a woody building erected in 1794 with a splendid view on the Brooklyn Bridge... Continue Reading →

Bar Bicaense, Lisbon, Portugal

  Lisbon is full of bars for any mood and occasion, including some nice classic cocktail places. Still, finding a bar which mixes the classic old lisbon feeling with a good hipster athmosphere is not that easy. The Bicaense is one of these places, a cool lounge bar perfect for a quite drink before dinner... Continue Reading →

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