Smile Tree, Torino, Italy

Life is sometimes bizarre. You travel around for years searching for the perfect mixture between quality of drinks and creativity in making something new, then you end up in a town (Torino in my case) which is surely not known for its cocktail scene, and you find a bar that is probably the most creative... Continue Reading →


Hobbit House, Manila, Philippines

This is probably the oddest bar I visited, and even if it does not stand out for its Martinis, it deserves a post. This is the story: in 1973 former professor Jim Turner, inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, created a bar in manila called Hobbit House. OK, what's the news? Well, the bar... Continue Reading →

Ozone, Hong Kong, China

 The race to be the highest bar in the world is open and wild, but I am ready to state that the Ozone is the highest open roof bar in the world (please correct me if I'm wrong, I am ready to invite you to martini...). Opened in March 2011, the Ozone is on the last floor... Continue Reading →

M1NT, Shanghai, China

Looking for the best cocktail bar in a city like Shanghai is not an easy job, with the city drinking culture improving faster than you can imagine, and many potential good choices for a proper sip. In the city of records, several bars claim they have the best view, the bigger cocktail menu, the highest... Continue Reading →

Ubeda Gin&Tapas, Barcelona, Spain

The Ubeda is another bar inBarcelona which takes gintonics very seriously. Unfortunately, they don't do martinis, so why is the bar in this blog? Well, we have some reasons for this. First, the Ubeda, opened in 2006, is possibly the first specialised gintonic bar which opened in town and in Spain. Second, it is a... Continue Reading →

Bobby Gin, Barcelona, Spain

The "gin wave" that has submerged Spain is difficult to explain (we might devote an article to this soon...), but it has its own benefits. For example, in Barcelona you can find a few bars which are devoted - I mean religiously devoted - to the spirit of our heart. Of all these, the Bobby... Continue Reading →

Sky View Bar, Doha, Qatar

Finding a good bar in Doha is not easy, being Qatar a drink-free country, still - god bless them - some of the high-end hotel of the crazy capital of Quatar can get you a drink. A serious survey among all expats I could talk to (bars which serve alcohol are not allowing Qatari citizens... Continue Reading →

Lenox Lounge, New York

Martini, jazz and history go well together. If this is true, a good martini in an historical jazzclub should be "the" experience you are looking for. You can find this in many clubs in NYC and beyond, but here we are talking of something more. We are talking of drinking your thing in the very... Continue Reading →

Carousel Bar, New Orleans, US

Before entering the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone, in New Orleans, I was convinced that - at the end of the day - good bars are good bars, but they all are quite similar, the rest are details. Then I sat at the bar, I ordered a Martini (sorry, a very good Martini) and... Continue Reading →

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