Martini books

My Martini library

Silver Bullet: The Martini in American Civilization, by Lowell Edmunds, 1981. Link

Martini Straight up, by Lowell Edmunds, 2003. Link

Shaken and Stirred: Through the Martini Glass and Other Drinking Adventures, by William L. Hamilton, 2004. Link

The Martini Companion, by Gary Regan, 1997. Link

Stirred, Not ShakenThe Dry Martini, by John Doxat, 1976. Link

The MartiniAn Illustrated History of an American Classic, by Barnaby Conrad III, 1995. Link

Shaken not Stirred, by Anastasia Miller and Jaren M. Brown, 1997. Link

The Little Black Book of Martinis: The Essential Guide to the King of Cocktails, By Nannette Stone, 2004. Link

The Martini Deck: 50 Straight-Up Fabulous Recipes, by Mittie Hellmich, 2007. Link

Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis, 1983.  Link

The hour, by Bernard DeVoto. Buy here.


In Italian

Martini’s yesterday and today, by Ezio Falconi, 2005 (in Italian). Link

Martini Eden, by Carolina Cutolo, 2014 (in Italian). Link

In difesa dell’oliva nel martini, by Vito Cassano, 2017 (in Italian). Link

Il Martini, by Maria Concetta Salemi, 2000 (in Italian). Link

Prigioniero di una stanza a Venezia, by Arrigo Cipriani, 2009 (in Italian). Link


Want more? See this page, this page and this page (in Italian) for a list of classic Bartenders’ Manuals and guides and for other cocktails reading.

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