69 Colebrooke Row, London

  Officially called "The bar with no name", but known as 69 Colebrooke Row, this bar is an absolute gem, and a good example of how fame should not change a place. In fact, despite being one of the most trendy and talked-about bars in London and having being nominated twice for the very prestigious ‘world’s... Continue Reading →


Green Door Bar, Berlin, Germany

A good bar should be about good drinks, a wise man once told me. This must also be the philosophy of Herr Fritz Müller-Scherz, owner of the Green Door bar in Schöneberg in Berlin, since the feeling you have when you enter his bar (after having to ring in front of a big green door, quite a speakeasy... Continue Reading →

Hobbit House, Manila, Philippines

This is probably the oddest bar I visited, and even if it does not stand out for its Martinis, it deserves a post. This is the story: in 1973 former professor Jim Turner, inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, created a bar in manila called Hobbit House. OK, what's the news? Well, the bar... Continue Reading →

Mattiz Bar, Leuven, Belgium

 Who said that Belgium is only beer, beer and beer? The Mattiz Bar wants is the evidence that in the hearth of the country you can get a good cocktail, and is doing its best to prove this. Located in the very centre of Leuven, the bar is the place to go for a drink if... Continue Reading →

The Alchemist, Shanghai, Cina

The Alchemist is a bar with a philosophy, stated on their site "Quality ingredients, modern interpretations, avant-garde techniques, respect for the classics whilst creating a path that is our own". And having a philosophy, in these postmodern drinking era, is already a valid reason to pay a visit. Then, once you have ordered your drink,... Continue Reading →

Ozone, Hong Kong, China

 The race to be the highest bar in the world is open and wild, but I am ready to state that the Ozone is the highest open roof bar in the world (please correct me if I'm wrong, I am ready to invite you to martini...). Opened in March 2011, the Ozone is on the last floor... Continue Reading →

M1NT, Shanghai, China

Looking for the best cocktail bar in a city like Shanghai is not an easy job, with the city drinking culture improving faster than you can imagine, and many potential good choices for a proper sip. In the city of records, several bars claim they have the best view, the bigger cocktail menu, the highest... Continue Reading →

Amnesya Cafè, Verona, Italy

 Common sense suggests that in Verona, as in most of Veneto, what you get in a bar is only Spritz and vino bianco. But common sense is there to be challenged, as a drink at the Amnesya Cafe will prove. This bar, in the very centre of Verona a few steps from the wonderful Piazza delle... Continue Reading →

Bar Baixa, Porto, Portugal

Finding a good bar in Porto is not hard, the city on the Douro being very lively until late night. Nevertheless, to get a good cocktail in on of these bars where you have the feeling that you might never leave can take some investigations. Well, I found one: the Bar Baixa, in the Galeria... Continue Reading →

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